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Where exams are a challenge, not simply a goal

Steiner schools are routinely misrepresented in the league tables. Because our schools have a policy of encouraging pupils to develop many more facets than the intellectual, we have found that taking the GCSE in the year of the 17th birthday has many advantages.

It allows a broad and stimulating educational process to take place, with the exam as an additional challenge rather than an ultimate goal. If the full results were published, it would be seen how successful this is, especially as there is no selection on academic grounds for school entry. Pupils are encouraged to take any exam they wish for the sake of their self-esteem. The school's image is secondary to this.

One school, for instance, is put at 6 per cent for five or more GCSEs at grade A-C for each pupil when, in reality, they attained 70 per cent.

If this exercise is to continue, it could surely be formulated in a way that is not unduly exclusive.


Steiner Schools Fellowship

Kidbrook Park

Forest Row


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