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Wherewho are they now?

Down revolutionary memory lane now: 30 years ago, revolting students at Moray House occupied the college in protest against mass unemployment facing qualifying teachers. Within weeks, 100,000 students across Britain had joined the campaign by occupying teacher-training colleges.

Head honchos of the distant revolution are planning a memorial. Sandy Ross, then Moray House student president who went on to become supremo at Scottish Television, remains as fired up as ever. So, too, does Rory Mackenzie, now head of Balerno High in Edinburgh (obviously teaching jobs for some).

Their old Labour cabal had planned an old-fashioned disco and drinkathon before the end of term for former revolutionaries but feared it would be banned under New Labour. But the brothers and sisters remain hopeful of a late August bash.

Others who might turn up who appeared at Moray House 30 years ago include Charles Clarke, then NUS president, and recently Home Secretary; Alastair Stewart, UK student leader and now ITN newsreader; and even Gordon Brewer, BBC Scotland's Newsnight presenter, who was then agitating in the International Socialists (the what? - Ed).

Anyone who wants to recall days on the barricades can contact

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