Which way to go?

Your job and career questions answered.

I have recently graduated with a masters degree in sport and exercise science after completing my BSc in sport and exercise. I have a coaching badge in football and have done consultancy work with a league football club. I am considering undertaking a teacher qualification to work in further education. This still does not guarantee me a job whereas if I took a PGCEGTP programme in PE at least there is a wider scope for a job, especially in the south eastLondon region. However, my skills and knowledge are more reflective of FE so I'm not sure which way to go. I'd like to start now rather than wait until September.

Consider what you want to teach before choosing. If the prospect of teaching PE to 11-year-olds isn't your cup of tea, then schools may not be the place for you. Similarly, if you prefer working with older teenagers and adults, you might be better off in the FE sector. Wherever you start teaching, the reforms of the next few years are likely to affect the 14-19 landscape so, longer term, it may not matter. It is possible to start training in schools on the employment based route in January, but there's not much time left now. Write to colleges with your CV and see whether there is work available, but it will probably be on a part-time basis to start with.

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