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Perplexed by projector dazzle when using your whiteboard? Or the shadow your body can throw on to the screen that can obscure information? Or the technical shenanigans when you have to move a whiteboard set-up? Experts from Canadian company SMART Technologies are on a European tour showing a new technology that neatly solves these problems - Digital Video Technology (DViT). Tiny digital cameras at every corner of the new boards are used to pinpoint the presence of your finger (still a huge bonus for pupils) or pen and feed that back to the computer. Back projection eliminates projector glare and teacher shadow. The result is an all-in-one, back-projection unit (with height adjustment) that can be wheeled from classroom to classroom with ease. Increased screen brightness (obvious at the preview) can make savings on projector brightness. Education product should be available soon and it is understood that prices should start at around pound;7,000.

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