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Who goes where?

Colin Hall is to be the next head of Holland Park school in west London, a well-known comprehensive which now has 1,600 pupils.

He succeeds Mary Marsh. Mr Hall is currently head of Longford School in Hounslow, one of the country's 50 most improved secondary schools.

Colin Bundy


vice-chancellor of the Univesity of

Witwatersrand in South Africa, is to succeed Sir Tim Lankester as director and principal of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, next May.

Sir Tim will be taking up the post of president of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, in January. From January to May, the acting director will be Christopher Shackle, SOAS's pro-director for academic affairs.

Professor Bundy, a historian who specialises in Africa, was educated at the universities of Natal, Witwatersrand and Oxford. He taught at Manchester Polytechnic from 1973 to 1978 and at Oford University from 1979 to 1984. He has been vice-chancellor of Witwatersrand since 1997.

Christine Blowman has been appointed national director of the Catch Up project, a charity which aims to help children who are struggling with reading and writing. It uses a literacy intervention programme developed by Oxford Brookes University, requiring only 10 minutes in the classroom per week.

Originally from industry, Christine Blowman retrained as a teacher in 1988 at Huddersfield University and became head of business studies at a Northamptonshire secondary school. She is also an education manager for the Millennium Dome.

Jonty Frith is the new chaplain at Cranleigh, the independent school in Surrey.

A Cambridge graduate who was previously curate of a parish in Carlisle, he is married to Becky, who also works at Cranleigh School as a maths teacher.

Maureen McTaggart

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