Who needs Ofsted?

I have just retired from a career in education. Most of those years preceded Ofsted or targets or Sats, with their defensive but largely unrealistic press releases from the Department for Education and Skills. I am not sorry to leave a professsion which encompasses such a shoddy organisation as Ofsted and the damage it has done to our schools. Having been an adviser for the past seven years, I have seen the negative effects of the Ofstedleague tables culture in a great many schools and I know my opinion is shared by most good experienced teachers.

Could Ofsted not be suspended for two years and the inspectors encouraged to work in schools for that time? It may then be found that the downward trend in the real levels of literacy and numeracy which is hampering employers is reversed. Teachers will once again be able concentrate on developing relationships with their pupils, and the children inspired by their teachers.

David Brown Broughton, Preston

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