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Who is representing you?

THE OTHER Executive members on the implementation group, in addition to Mr Galbraith and Mr Ewart, are Peter Peacock, the deputy minister, and Jeane Freeman, head of the Executive's school standards and improvement division.

The authorities are represented along with Mr McCafferty by three other senior Labour councillors: Norman Murray, Cosla president; Pat Watters, vice-president; and Helen Law, chair of education in Fife. They are joined by David Suckling, the Independent chairman of the Scottish Borders education committee, and Alan Findlay, Liberal Democrat education chairman in Aberdeenshire. Two diretors of education and two Cosla officials will be present as advisers.

Mr Smith, Mr Maciver and Mr Eaglesham are accompanied on the union side by Pat O'Donnell, Scottish official of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers; and Susan Leslie, a member of the Professional Association of Teachers' executive. The unions and management will also have their advisers.

There are two headteacher representatives, Donald Matheson, president of the Headteachers' Association of Scotland, and Bill Milligan, his primary counterpart in the Association of Head Teachers in Scotland.

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