Who said teaching isn't the full monty?

Most teachers will do everything possible to help pupils. Alasdair Waddell, of Lesmahagow High, went further and took off everything for the students at his evening art class at Motherwell College. When his nude model became a no-show (in any sense) Waddell took the ultimate step and stripped off.

"I'm no exhibitionist but there were two weeks when there wasn't a life model and the class was threatened with suspension," he reported. "The first week I posed in my smart suit. The next week was dilemma time. Some 16 or 17 people turned up and I didn't want to short-change them. I felt, reluctantly, that I'd no choice. So I stripped off and gave it the full monty."

Between striking poses Waddell covered his 33-year-old torso and went round inspecting his students' work. The following week he was able to resume his modesty. A volunteer model turned up and received the tutor's accolade: "I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who pose as life models. It's not as easy as it looks."

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