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Who supports the support staff?

I READ with interest Alison Bell's letter in response to an article about the role of nursery nurses in primaries (TES, January 28).

As a newly-qualified specialist teaching assistant, I share her concern about the status of professionals providing learning support in and out of the classroom. Our skills are increasingly in demand and yet there is no career ladder.

Another problem for some of us with the STA qualification is that it is not consistently recognised across the country. Although the STA literacy and numeracy course content t Nottingham Trent University is at the level of a first degree, Nottinghamshire education authority does not recognise the qualification. I am on the pay scale as an "unqualified nursery nurse". The nursery nurses on the same course were awarded no extra pay increments nor any other official recognition of their achievement.

Anyone concerned with primary education should encourage appropriate recognition for the learning support staff in our schools.

Drika Smith

Additional literacy support

Beeston, Nottinghamshire

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