Who wants difficult pupils?

Over the years I've become inured to receiving those pearls of wisdom from Sir Cyril Taylor, chairman of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust.

However, the article on children in care ("Boarding pass to a better life", TES, January 13) (in which he argued children in care be placed in boarding schools, perhaps run by academies) took the proverbial biscuit. The words "shocking" and "sadly" were sprinkled throughout it like currants in an upmarket bun.

Local authority special needs panels can instruct schools to admit particular children, but this does not apply to academies and presumably the new independent state schools (free from local authority control) will also be able to refuse admission.

Now I wonder why, in this age of trial by league tables and death by exam results, such schools are unwilling to enrol children who are often in care and have complex and expensive educational and emotional needs?

Nice one Cyril - spare us the lectures.

Richard Knights 16 The Fairway, Liverpool

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