Who Wrote?

1. "Weeks and weeks of 'How do you spell car?

C-C-Car is like Cat Cat is like Mat Mat is like Cat said the bells of Saint Fat!'

- a wild dash through islands of syllables, tributaries of sound, a whole spinning world of rhyme - 'World is like Curled said the bells of Saint Burld!'

Then 'Teach me to read. Get me a book to read'."

2. "They had been lectured at, from their tenderest years; coursed, like lttle hares. Almost as soon as they could run, alone, they had been made to run to the lecture-room. The first object with which they had an association, or of which they had a remembrance, was a large black board with a dry Ogre chalking ghastly white figures on it.

Not that they knew, by name or nature, anything about an Ogre. Fact forbid!"

3. "The hereditary curse upon English education is its organisation upon lines of social class."

I only use the word to express a monster in a lecturing castle, with Heaven knows how many heads manipulated into one, taking childhood captive, and dragging it into gloomy statistical dens by the hair


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