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Who Wrote?

1 "Come, dear children, let us away; Down and away below.

Now my brothers call from the bay; Now the great winds shorewards blow; Now the salt tides seawards flow; Now the wild white horses play, Champ and chafe and toss in the spray.

Children dear, let us away.

This way, this way."

2 " Algernon Charles Swinburne...often used to stop my perambulator when he met it on Nurse's Walk at the edge of Wimbledon Common, and pat me on the head and kiss me; he was an inveterate pram-stopper and patter and kisser...Swinburne, by the way, when a very young man, had gone to Walter Savage Landor, then a very old man, and been given the poet's blessing he asked for; and Landor when a child had been patted on the head by Dr Samuel Johnson; and Johnson when a child had been taken to London to be touched by Queen Anne for scrofula, the King's evil..."

3 "Experience is the best of schoolmasters, only the school-fees are heavy."

sent in by C Lawrenson

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