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Who Wrote?

1. "Here thump on trayWith mug, and splashWet white down there.The sofa purrs,The window squeaks.Bump more with mugAnd make voice bigThen she will come,Sky in the room,Quiet as a cloud,Flowers in the sky,Come down snow-softBut warm as milk" 2.""Take that and shut up!" said Coker. "I don't want any cheek from fags.

I have a short way with fags, I can tell you. And-"Coker got no further than that. He was interrupted by something like a tidal wave closing on him. Coker was a senior man, and he was so big and brawny that even prefects of the Sixth Form treated him with some tact. Smacking a fag's head seemed a mere trifle to Coker. He did not seem prepared for what followed. Really, he might have expected it. But he hadn't."

3."My interest is in the future because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there."

(Sent in by Helen Ealden)


ANSWERS: 1 Emily Dickinson2 Frank Skinner 3 Dan Rather

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