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A whoopee ushion

Teachers do, of course, deserve every hour of their holidays after the exertions of the school year. So they should not feel bad if they decide to spend the time getting up late, wandering around in their dressing gowns, and slumping happily in front of Murder, She Wrote.

And, from online discussions on the TES staffroom, that is exactly what many teachers are doing.

"Quidnunc" wrote of her relief at discovering other teachers were being equally lazy: "I went out with a few non-teacher friends last night and was asked what I've been doing with my holiday so far. I felt so guilty about the truth (basically what everyone else has said - Jeremy Kyle included) that I had to make up meaningful activities!"

The discussion was started by "Sparkleyes", who stressed that, given the preparation teachers needed to do before each term, they only really had three weeks for relaxation and recuperation.

"Big up to all my fellow dossers, chillers, layabouts," she wrote. "I'm glad I'm not the only one filling my days with mindless, self-indulgent activities - whoopee!"

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