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Who's idea was that?

20th-Century Inventions series.

Telecommunications. By Chris Oxlade

Computers. By Steve Parker

Lasers. By Nina Morgan

Satellites. By Steve Parker

Wayland Pounds 10.99 each

Children sometimes have difficulty naming famous inventors: da Vinci perhaps, Stephenson; or was he an engineer? Have any women invented anything? Who invented the computer mouse? Our society and the technological world we live in are built on the inventions of people.

These four companion volumes provide a good insight into how 20th century inventions have transformed our lives. Telecommunications tackles the rapidly expanding field of modern communications technology. From early telephones to the Internet, each development is explained clearly supported by colourful illustrations. Computers introduces the intricacies of what lies inside the box and how computers pervade all aspects of our lives.

Lasers explains the acronym and looks at the applications in the home and industry. Satellites looks at their use in communications and navigation. Each book includes a timeline and glossary.

And in case you were wondering, Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1963 and Eileen Dumville invented a self-filling paint brush.

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