Why can't the two sectors get along?

Jill Berry

I think we're all agreed that prejudice is something that we should resist. Prejudging, based on inadequate understanding and false assumptions, isn't something teachers want to be seen to be guilty of, and it certainly isn't something we should model to the pupils in our schools. And yet whenever I read anything about the divide between state and independent education, I see evidence of it ("Comprehensive v private", Letters, 15 June). As a state-educated individual who began her teaching career in four state schools, I suspect I would have been guilty of such prejudice, too, had I not moved into the independent sector in schools five and six. I often wonder what our education system might be like if all teachers at some stage in their career had to teach in both sectors. I'm certain that there would be more understanding, tolerance and mutual respect.

Jill Berry, Former teacher, state and independent schools.

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Jill Berry

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