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Why the DFEE is really fit

NO SOONER is his TV series over than the Diary proudly unveils its first Ali G item. Boyakasha! (or whatever it is he says - and is this column alone in thinking the series was rather so-so?).

Ali has made a career out of humiliating politicians (and the ones who trooped up for interview after his cover was blown looked particularly sad) but some scalps have escaped him. Step forward Margaret Hodge.

Back when Sacha Baron Cohen was still unknown and catching out everyone from Tony Benn to General Haig, he tured up at the DFEE, camera team in tow, to interview the equal

opportunities minister.

His questions seemed to have more to do with Maggie Thatcher than Margaret H, and when he asked Ms Hodge if she'd feel safe in an aeroplane flown by a woman pilot, her minder from the DFEE press office spotted a spoof and Ali was summarily ejected from the building.

All of which, the Diary thinks, gives the DFEE rather more cred than if she'd appeared on the show. Respect to the Sanctuary Buildings Massive!

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