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Why I had to quit MANCAT

I read with interest your article on bullying at MANCAT. I was an employee at the college from 1995 to 2002. I resigned from this job - a job I loved and was extremely competent at, without another job to go to.

I found the stress of working for the organisation too much to bear. The same stresses that affect all of FE are there, but Mancat is special in terms of its staff relations. I was aware of the problems in the ESOL department to which your article referred, but bullying and harassment was not confined to this area alone. I worked in the access department and I felt that the management style there had similar problems.

I decided that it would be a better for me to be unemployed than to continue to work in such an oppressive environment. I expressed my concerns to the chair of governors who directed me to the college's "agreed grievance procedure". I declined the option of formalising my grievance, as I did not think I would get a fair hearing.

The experiences of the staff in your article ring true with me. I also declined an exit interview for the same reasons and for fear of being harassed and intimidated. I made my feelings clear in the exit questionnaire, where I pointed out that I viewed Mancat as a college that has a bullying, dishonest, nepotistic and anti-educational culture. I could no longer work at such an organisation.

Geraldine McCusker 3 Cross Road Chorlton Manchester

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