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Why the objection?

It is not clear why Geoff Russell, chief executive of the Skills Funding Agency, objected to the coverage of his agency's submission to the Wolf review (Letters, January 14). The article ("FE's `second rate' image laid at door of meddling ministers", December 24) concentrated on the early part of the agency's submission because that was the most notable and newsworthy section.

It was refreshing to read of a leading Government agency owning up to the fact that the meddling of ministers disadvantages the status and quality of vocational education in England. Unfortunately, the rest of the agency's document was disappointing.

To turn to the last point in Mr Russell's letter, I have every confidence that FE Focus will facilitate a full debate when the Wolf review is published. I have less confidence that ministers and their agencies will use the debate as an opportunity to develop a coherent set of policies.

Bob Vesey, Ruislip, Middlesex.

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