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Why teachers teach: It’s all about ‘the kids, the kids, the kids’

To mark World Teachers' Day, TES has been asking the teachers of the Twittersphere to tell us why they teach.

Using the #whyiteach hashtag, answers have come in thick and fast from all around the world.

They paint a picture of a profession committed to the children they teach, to optimism and to defying the idea that any child will inevitably be left behind.

Here are some of the most memorable:

@davebeccles I teach because it is one of those jobs where you do it entirely for the benefit of others

@1stclown Because I share a room with 30 emotionally incontinent people 5 hours a day and that's an exciting way to make a living

@nceamrharris I could say holidays, money... but this is nowhere near the moral purpose I want every teacher to teach for

@wmar98 To watch them marvel in that lightbulb moment when they realise that they really can do anything if they just try

@missfosterth I learn so much from my students and I laugh at least once every lesson – what other job gives you that?

@kicsprincipal Because nothing is more important than helping the next generation reach higher than we have reached

@smaleyx To inspire young people as I once was by some of my teachers

@dcntito I was EAL, FSM, vulnerable and looked-after and yet the state system gave me a life-changing start so that is #WhyITeach today

@annaclaire1980 When we are teaching children about life they teach us what life is all about

@sootymcblack Every child needs at least one person on their side. I want to be that person

And as anyone who has ever visited a staffroom will testify, the fuel for all this commitment, determination and optimism? Tea and coffee. Each of the tweeters mentioned above qualifies for a shiny new TES mug.




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