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Why were we not consulted on GTC?

WE would value the opinion of others regarding the formation of the General Teaching Council.

We are told that the council was established from September 1, 2000, as the professional body for teachers. Although we are aware of its creation teachers have never been consulted about the formation of such a body.

As a GTC had not previously existed, and being in a democratic country, we would have expected the right to vote on its formation. Any reasonably-minded person is willing to accept the outcome of such a vote.

We believe the whole process has not been properly though out, otherwise there would have been some recognition that teachers already register with the Department for Education and Employment before becoming eligible to teach.

Second, there would have been consultation about the members' subscription and the benefits of belonging to the council clearly outlined, before a vote.

Third, a reduced payment would have been devised for part-time teachers (the professional associations already do this).

RS Twiddy


On behalf of teachers

Cobholm first school


Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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