WI: not the only way out of a jam

How predictable that some of the headteacher dinosaurs objected to the Women's Institute bringing their jam-making skills into the classroom. Here at the Bureau of Lead Learners for Original and Creative Knowledge and Serendipity we are always engaging in the latest "blue skies" thinking.

Schools are welcome to choose from our range of organisations and individuals:

* Equitable Life: investing your money wisely

* Stephen Byers: know your times tables

* Sainsbury's: retailing made easy

* Dan Quayle: advanced spelling

* Fathers 4 Justice: your guide to direct action

* Wayne Rooney: anger management

* Child Support Agency: computers for dummies

* Conrad Black: running a successful newspaper

* Easyjet: customer relations

* Simon Cowell: positive feedback.

Richard Knights 16 The Fairway, Liverpool

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