Wide of the mark on managers

THE article "Purged by the tyrants of incorporation" (FE Focus, last week) is highly regrettable. Not only is it mischievous in content, and offensive in tone, but it is well wide of the mark.

All your columnist offers is assertion. It is unprofessional to smear one's colleagues, whether they are employed by the college or serve it in another capacity. As employers, boards of management are bound to follow the requirements of due process and to avoid public comment on matters which are sub judice.

Let us not forget - all boards of management have student and staff representatives. All the appointed members are unpaid volunteers giving of their own time to support the colleges. Many of these are in public service in other capacities.

Boards of management have to account for their decisions and the performance of the college. In doing so they know, appreciate, and support the massive contribution which teaching and other staff make.

The TESS can and should do better in opening up difficult - and sensitive - issues to debate.

Bob Kay


Association of Scottish Colleges board and Borders College board of management

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