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Wild about Wendy

Talking of Wendy Alexander, as many do, there has been much whimsy in the public prints over the intentions of SNP frontbencher Andrew Wilson towards the Minister for Everything.

Wilson famously wrote to complain to Jack McConnell, the First Minister, that he had given Alexander far too much to do and the poor soul was looking wrecked as she struggled with her vast portfolio.

Presumably, Wilson must have thought Alexander's civil servants were idling around with too little to do when he came up with 20 questions (well, 23 actually) on further and higher education for parliamentary answers a couple of weeks ago.

Just as well poor Wendy did not have to do the research herself.

And in case anyone thought the young Nationalist blade was going soft on the harassed minister, pugilism soon broke out as he told Alexander to work even harder and "fight to gain increased economic powers".

Furthermore, she should stop "sitting on the fence" and do something about university research funding. Very puzzling.

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