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Will children's education benefit?;Letter

YOUR article on the long summer holiday (Friday magazine, July 9) opts for a confrontational approach rather than one that values sound debate about educational advantage. Although it does report the favourable views of one parent towards the five-term year, it makes no attempt to acknow-ledge or review other, more objective, evidence.

It picks up on the union-inspired line that "teachers work longer days than outsiders imagine" but the article fails to put the point that most teachers who have experience of the five-term year claim that it reduces stress.

The article fails to challenge the "perk" mentality of a minority section of the teaching force - a mentality that has consistently helped to de-professionalise teachers in the eyes of the public. Most culpably, the article is short on delineating improvements to pupil learning - which are the issue.

Trevor Kerry

15 Lady Bower Close

North Hykeham, Lincoln

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