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Will there be closure to dispute between the 'experts'?

So the retired Brian Boyd wants to bring "some closure" to the "dispute about Raymond Soltysek's status" as an "expert" in managing classroom behaviour in the "white hot heat of comprehensive schools" from which both deservedly managed to escape to more financially rewarding, higher-status and higher-stress occupations.

I detect that they are both justly annoyed that they are not being afforded the deference from frontline class teachers of 25-plus years' experience that their elevated positions would lead them to expect.

I can see Mr Soltysek must be seething that his "range of approaches" to help ungrateful, less talented teachers deal with the daily "challenges they face" are being traduced by these ingrates. It is more than an "award-winning" and "published" author should be asked to endure.

Professor Boyd and Mr Soltysek are not only "experts" but exemplary exponents of the progressive thinking that has propelled Scottish education to where it is today.

Stick to your guns. Do not be distracted by classroom-based Neanderthals; they will only clone themselves and then where will we be? Do not despair: this annoying correspondence is sure to end soon. To the future of Scottish education!

Jack Ferguson, Greenfaulds High, Cumbernauld.

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