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Will the Tories open doors to teachers' professional know-how?

For a few decades of Labour and Conservative office, badly behaved children have been fuelling drug and alcohol abuse and gun crime, and have not occupied themselves constructively because the national curriculum is too prescriptive and didactic and merely focuses on the production of "knowledge robots".

Politicians should include in their policies requirements that schools impart the idea of living in a harmonious society to children as early as nursery and reception.

Teachers with 25-30 pupils in the same class cannot talk to them one-to-one as the other children are waiting. So a designated "behavioural therapy teacher" is the best person to take those ones out and explain to them why they need to behave.

Any party that wants to win the next general election must address these issues.

John Hare Agnes Pang, Secondary and primary teachers, Norris Green, Liverpool.

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