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Wilshaw strikes a chord

Reading Sir Michael Wilshaw's comments last week struck a chord. We've all been there when an inspector, half shielded by a clipboard, watches and scribbles. We melt into a pool of our own sweat as we attempt to appear in control. And it doesn't even need to be an Ofsted inspector for us to feel intimidated.

What if there were a different way? I believe that Sir Michael sees lesson observations as an important learning tool in a teacher's arsenal, so what would happen if we forgot about them being judged? For me, regular lesson observations are 100 per cent for learning and judgement just gets in the way - if I let it. The question I have been asking myself is: if I saw observations as a learning tool, a way for me to get even better, what would I do differently? Answer: I would ask for more.

Hannah Jones, Leader of learning, BlueKiteCoach.

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