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Described by Empire magazine as "one of the sharpest, hippest, funniest films of the year", Buffalo Soldiers tells the tale of life on an American army base in 1989 Stuttgart. With the Cold War all but over, the main enemy is boredom. Ray Elwood (Joaquin Phoenix) is an amoral and manipulative supply clerk who can get anything at a price, and runs rings around his inept superior, Berman (Ed Harris). But when a new sergeant arrives determined to clean things up, trouble breaks out.

The film was recently released on DVD and video by Pathe Distribution, for rent only, so you can't buy it. But Friday has two copies of each format to give away. For a chance to win, send your name and address to, or by postcard to the address on the right. Mark your message Buffalo Soldiers offer and say which format you prefer. The first four entries out of the hat on January 29 will win.

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