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Wind charm

Amandeep Tamber is a teacher at North Primary School, Southall The visit to the windmill fits in well with our geography topic on settlements, but the gains are much broader than that and the mill and its workings have useful curriculum links, including maths, design and technology and history.

"The children had never seen anything like this mill, although they may have seen models. The windmill, the open spaces, the village - all these things are a complete contrast to where they live.

The visit is an overnight trip for the school and we really get to know the pupils as individuals in a way that is quite difficult to do in the classroom. For most of the children, this is the first time they have stayed away from home overnight, and it has great social benefits.

We notice it while we are here, but it also has a longer-term effect. The school has taken groups to Pitstone Windmill for several years and we would recommend a school visit here. The village is small and it's safe. The children really found the windmill interesting and the guide kept it interesting and pitched at their level."

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