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Wing and a prayer

Some applicants for teaching jobs obviously think they can wing it, as the staffroom forum on The TES Scotland website illustrates.

"Twidds", who has been resident in Scotland for only three months, reveals that she has applied for three jobs "and may be asked about current trends and initiatives".

There's no "may" about it, we suggest. So, she wonders, what's all this stuff about AiFL and ACE (ACfE, actually)?

Back comes the helpful response from "Prima": "Are you being serious? You expect to be given a job without having a clue about some of the biggest changes in Scottish education and can't even be bothered to look for info? Pupils deserve a bit more commitment than that."

"Freuchie", however, is a bit more sympathetic and advises "Twidds": "Don't let the arrogance of the insular Scot who prefers to navel gaze put you off."

She then explains the eduspeak and tries to make "Twidds" feel at home by suggesting the assessment and curriculum reforms may be "cauld kail het agin" -for which the translation of "reheated cabbage" is helpfully provided.

We trust "Twidds" now has a fine appreciation of both sides of the Scottish character.

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