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Wiping the slate

We now have conclusive proof that there is no such thing as a union block vote on the General Teaching Council for Scotland. The unions may put up slates of candidates for elections but camaraderie of purpose ends there, we can exclusively reveal.

On the hot topic of whether Teaching Scotland, the GTC's journal, should accept job ads, Wolseley Brown, a former president of the Educational Institute of Scotland, came out against lest it encourage private recruitment agencie.

Graham Dane, surely a future EIS president, said ads were acceptable but not from private agencies. Jim Thomson, a previous EIS president, disagreed with both and said there should be a review of the position.

Norma Anne Watson, GTC convener and a past EIS president, resisted this because the members wanted a decision there and then. Thomson said he would withdraw his demand and support what he called Brown's "narrow motion", which duly carried the day.

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