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Wishing wand casts a spell on St Tam's

THE Fairy Godmother granted only three wishes - with conditions. Pupils at St Thomas of Aquinas Secondary in Glasgow would love her to work overtime this Christmas and New Year to make a further 180 come true.

In this Roman Catholic west end secondary, one lad (we assume) says he wants "to play for Rangers". Another, hardly surprisingly, wants "to play for Celtic and get 10-in-a-row" while another hopes "that all fighting between Catholics and Protestants would stop".

More appropriately in this spiritual period, another desperately wishes "that I could float on a cloud up to God".

The school's millennium project has magically materialised into a publication called Wishes, compiled and illustrated by pupils. Tom Bradshaw, the headteacher, sid: "We had some terrific responses from the kids and they took it in great heart."

Contributions range through the emotions. But dreams can come true - eventually. One wish is "for our school to have more computers". St Tams, of course, is on line for a PPP make-over, backed by computers galore. There are heart-felt comments, too. I wish, says one lad, "for a girl I really love to like me". Another wishes "that my Grandpa will come back to life again", while another hopes "that my gran becomes friends with her sisters again".

With the Fairy Godmother, wings and all, working flat out in Christmas pantos, she may be glad of some additional help. One lass wishes "to become a flight attendant".

Wishes costs a fiver from the school.

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