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Woodhead is 'a breath of sanity'

So the National Association of Head Teachers conference showed "the depth of hostility which the entire teaching profession has for Chris Woodhead," opines Mr Hart (TES, May 30). How can this fellow Hart know the views of every schoolmaster and schoolmistress, headmaster and headmistress in the land? Have they been consulted?

Pace Mr Hart, Mr Woodhead is a breath of sanity in an educational world riddled with the inanity of political correctness, the nonsense of psycho-babble and the intellectual shallowness of love of novelty for its own sake. Thank God for a chief inspector who cares enough about children to demand sound traditional standards for all pupils.

Attacks on Mr Woodhead prove the adage that no one is as bigoted, prejudiced and intolerant as liberals and progressives whose liberal and progressive prejudices are questioned.

The NAHT conference shows the poor quality of many headmasters. Mr Blunkett and his task force must ensure the rapid sacking of all heads who lack the intellectual depth, judgment and personal qualities needed for the job, so that their schools can improve.

JOHN BURRELL, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey

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