Woodhead doth protest too much

YES, why not? The speed with which Chris Woodhead dismissed the idea of schools assessinginspectors surely means that Martin Stephen is on to something.

As long as education is blighted by incessant evaluation and assessment, it is logical, just and fair that those making judgments should be observed and marked.

Most of them will be as encouraged by praise as they claim teachers to be. But this leaves out the man at the top who, so far, has shown himself to be fireproof. What would Martin do about him? Why don't heads just sen in their assessments anyway, using Martin's scheme, with copies to their MPs and local media?

However, this represents reaction and not reform. I acknowledge the need for inspection, but it should be reorganised on a regional basis, de commercialised and relaunched under low-profile leadership with frequent low-key visits to schools.

It should also keep its organisation simple and slow down the pace. This is surely the way forward.

Tony Tindall

Chair of governors

Orgill school

Egremont, Cumbria

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