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Woof, woof

The education convener of the new Dundee council has a privileged insight into the world of children. John Kemp wrote for the Beano for 10 years before going to university four years ago at the age of 28.

Kemp's final year honours work in politics and history should be no strain on a man who tells Dundee University's newsletter: "I was the intellectual force behind Gnasher".

The new convener admits: "I did admire Gnasher's complete determination to get the postman. I loved his singlemindedness." Useful training for the robust world of Dundee politics.

Kemp shares two pieces of the city's Labour history: Lord Thomson of Monifeith, former MP for Dundee East, used to say that he had more influence as editor of the Beano than as Harold Wilson's Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs. And Peter Doig, Thomson's colleague as MP for Dundee West, was distinguished at Westminster only for his support of postmen in their constant war with animals like Gnasher.

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