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Worcester - Teacher judged incompetent

A primary school teacher has been suspended for one year after being deemed incompetent by the General Teaching Council for England.

Cathryn Ierston, who taught at Gorse Hill Primary School, was found guilty of five charges of incompetence, which included her quality of teaching, planning and the use of teaching assistants.

She taught at Gorse Hill from September 2003 to July 2007, but her performance was only found to be substandard after November 2006.

Her lessons were observed by a number of educational professionals from both inside and outside the school.

"We are satisfied that, based on our findings of fact, Mrs Ierston has demonstrated a level of competence which falls seriously short of that expected of a registered teacher," the ruling said.

After resigning from the school, Mrs Ierston was employed by the head as a supply teacher and lessons were prepared for her. She was well liked by pupils and parents, the GTC noted.

She has now been suspended for one year, during which she has to complete a refresher course before being allowed to return to the classroom. DM.

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