Word games


1 All the following are anagrams of past and present UK comedians - take the initial letters of their first names and mix them up to find another comedian: MYPOORCOMET; BROKENINRARE; POCKETROE; REALSULTAN; MONOCROTON; NORAAHOLLAND; CELERYNINJA; DIZZIEDREAD; WONKARNATIONS; ARICHERDALEK; RAYMURAL; NOBITTERCRONE; AHOLYDRIVER

2 Find the correct synonym for the first word - then add or subtract the letters given to find anagrams of some more comedians: Widen - E + J (2, 5); Gospels - G + E (3, 5); Long-tailed parrot - A + Y (5, 3); Vineyards + E (5, 4); Takes + V (3, 6); Levels + E + J (4, 6)


Which famous comic double act has three Os and three Ts?

Mark Nyman

(Answers next week)

pound;20 book token for the first correct answers to be opened on Tuesday.

Send to wordgames@tes.co.uk

or Wordgames, TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX.

Answers to last week's

1 Enoch Powell, Tony Blair, William Hague, David Steele, Elliot Morley, David Owen, Harold Wilson, Arthur Balfour, Anthony Eden, Robert Walpole, Harold Macmillan. Initials E, T, W, D, E, D, H, A, A, R, H give Edward Heath.

2 Oar(s)men + C = Cameron; Chatter + H = Thatcher; Diaries + L = Disraeli; Spotter + C = Prescott; Elongat(e)d + S = Gladstone; Insolvent + I + G = Livingstone

3 The Houses of Parliament

Winner: Phil Moulds of Widnes, Cheshire

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