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Word games


1 All the following are anagrams of makes of car - take the initial letters of the answers and mix them up to find another car manufacturer: URABUS, NEUTRAL, HITRUMP, RAPINE, SINNAS, ATOOTY, SLIDEBLOOM, ZUUSI, ISTUNA, FEMORALOA, ISUBMITHIS

2 Find the correct synonym for the first word - then add or subtract the letters given to find anagrams of some more car manufacturers: Astonished - E (5), Waiter - C + M (6), Building - E (7), Body + H (7), Abstain - N + R (7), Startled - A + I (7), Shines - D + M (8)

Mark Nyman

(Answers next week)

pound;20 book token for the first correct answers to be opened on Tuesday.

Send to

or Wordgames, TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX.

ANSWERS to last week:

1 Anhydrite, Limestone, Andesite, Cinnabar, Euxenite, Ironstone, Turquoise, Mudstone, Haematite. Initials A, L, A, C, E, I, T, M, H give Malachite 2 Umpi(r)e + C = Pumice, (C)ertain + G = Granite, Domain + D = Diamond, Demotio(n) + L = Dolomite, Spar(k)led + F = Feldspar, Ascertai(n) + M = Marcasite, Especial + R = Periclase!

Last week's winner: Thomas Joseph of Blagdon Road, New Malden, Surrey

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