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Word games


1 All the following are anagrams of TV programmes - past and present - take the first letter of each of the answers and mix them up to find another TV programme:RUSHINGOBE BRINSNOTES (6, 4) TOKEN DEFINESL SALLAD GAMMANICALI (6,5) MERMELADE NELLE DEANOSPOTENTS (7, 3, 3) RE!

2 Find the correct synonym for the first word - then add or subtract the letters given to find anagrams of some more TV programmesSquanders - E + I (6); Gift - T + D (7); Weds - M + F (7); Pilchard - A + F (7); Panther - E + K (7); Sanction - I + R (9); Stuttering - G + D (10) Mark Nyman. (Answers next week)

pound;20 book token for the first correct answers to be opened on Tuesday.

Send to

or Wordgames, TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX.

ANSWERS: 1 Snooker, Croquet, Netball, Aerobics, Martial arts, Golf, Yachting, Tennis, Squash, Ice skating.Initial letters S, C, N, A, M, G, Y, T, S, I give Gymnastics.

2 (S)treak + A = Karate;(J)ockey + H = Hockey;Ruling + H = Hurling; Char(T)er + Y = Archery; Ballots + F = Softball; S(L)imming + W = Swimming; Theat(R)ics + L = Athletics Last week's winner

Mel Heale, Bromborough Road, Bebington, Wirral

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