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A word on your web-like

When it isn't building warships, Vosper Thorneycroft is in the business of offering careers advice to teenagers.

The VT-owned website provides information about how to get into work or training.

The site carries an item that offers teenagers a chance to vote on the quality of careers guidance from Connexions, the advice service run for young people by its chief executive Anne Weinstock, who is based at the Department for Education and Skills.

Before teenagers vote, they are invited to open a link to a newspaper story highlighting the fact that "most young people are failing to get adequate careers guidance from Connexions".

Of course, this is not Ms Weinstock's take on the performance of her outfit. And that could be a problem, given that VT's careers advice service is offered in "partnership" with Connexions.

VT's defence expertise may be about to come in handy. FErret hears that the firm is about to get a rocket from Ms Weinstock, who is none too pleased with the tone of its website.

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