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Words of a stranger that spell 'incompetent'

I have been teaching for 24 years - 12 of them as head of English in two middle schools, some as a pastoral head of Year 6, and most recently in primary schools, writes a teacher from the west of England.

I now feel utterly humiliated and frustrated having been told that, contrary to my head's judgment, the assessor has failed me. Colleagues are disbelieving. I've been left confused and angry with a system which lets a complete stranger decide that I am not up to it as a teacher.

It is obvious from talking to staff in local schools that there is no consistency in the way the assessments are being carried out. Is anyonemonitoring the assessors?

I shall appeal, but I resent having to spend yet more time trying to prove myself.

How can a person who has never met me, never seen me teaching, never seen the relationship I have with my pupils, colleagues, parents, governors, never seen my classroom, never observed the growing confidence in my pupils, judge me? My papers were due back a week ago - they are still in Cambridge. When they finally arrive, I will have to complete yet another form and wait at least six months for the process to be carried out.

My thoughts are with other dedicated teachers who have been misjudged.

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