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A workforce fitto compete

Adair Turner

Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry

Policy will be directed at the achievement of the National Education and Training Targets so essential for the UK's competitiveness in world markets.

Six key actions are needed to ensure that all of our young people and all of the workforce are equipped with the skills needed to flourish in a rapidly changing world.; * primary schools must have the resources and teaching competence, including appropriate teaching methods, to raise standards for all pupils * the Dearing proposals for 14-19 learning must be implemented to provide effective pathways into employment: learning credit entitlements should be introduced to stimulate demand for learning * higher education expansion should continue, but with enhanced quality control arrangements and a reformed funding system. All students qualified and wanting to enter HE should be able to do so, but increased individual contributions to the cost are inevitable * the Investors in People standard should be used as the focus for training and career development priorities in companies and other organisations.

* increased take-up of NVQs should be stimulated through speedy implementation of the Beaumont report recommendations.

* individual learning accounts should be introduced to enable the individuals with the greatest need to acquire key skills and competences, and encourage them to see continuous learning as key to their own success.

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