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Working to improve Glow

The greatest benefit that Glow brings to education is connecting Scotland's learners, teachers and practitioners in an online community of sharing practice, ideas and creativity. That is precisely why Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) welcomes all comments from its users and is working to develop and improve Glow by listening to those who are using it.

Glow is currently undergoing a period of enhancement based on user feedback, including the addition of technology such as blogging, a much- needed publishing feature that will greatly improve how it is used, and how information and resources are shared. This year will also see a national consultation and impact survey, so now is the time for users to get involved and tell LTS how their experience can be best improved.

In last week's TESS, one commentator said that "vast swathes of the country" had no plans to use Glow. This is certainly not the case. All 32 local authorities have dedicated roll-out plans approved by the Scottish Government, including Fife and Glasgow, which your report said had "yet to commit".

Depending on the local authority, every plan varies, hence the differentiation in user figures. Where some are just commencing roll-out, many have hundreds of users already linked, such as Aberdeenshire with 180 schools now online, each with five or more users.

The worst thing we could do is put a "moratorium on further development", as Jaye Richards suggested. Glow was built on state-of-the-art education technology current in 2005, technology that has evolved and is now easier to use. LTS is looking to the future, and the continual development of Glow is the only way to achieve this. The Scottish Government, LTS and RM, the solution provider for Glow, are working continually to ensure that Glow is the best it can be.

Marie Dougan, director of learning and technology, Learning and Teaching Scotland.

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