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Workload deal can work

Like your correspondent Viv Evans (TES, January 28) I have attended two workforce remodelling sessions. While it is true that much of the "training" is an insult, it is not correct to assume that the workload agreement cannot be implemented.

This five-class village primary has had rolls of up to 140 over the past five years, but has managed to give all full-time teachers 10 per cent PPA time, while I have taught for about 50 per cent of the week. Even prior to this, teachers had an hour a week of non-contact time, plus time to write annual reports.

We have funded a fully-qualified teacher to take each class in turn. In 2000, the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers'

representative, representing 100 per cent of staff, put the case for PPA time to governors. Being a supportive lot who recognised the commitment of staff, they agreed. It was as simple as that.

Where I do agree is that it is totally wrong to force this on schools without further funding.

PPJ Woodhall Headteacher, Badby school Badby, Northamptonshire

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