A world of no paper?

Gerald Haigh

We know what happened to the idea of the paperless office. Is there any hope for the paperless school? The team behind the project called just that - Paperless School - certainly think so. They envisage a school in the not too distant future where students are equipped with cheap Web-pads - permanently linked to the Internet - that they will use instead of exercise books. Teachers will deliver and mark lessons on the Web, and there will be access to teaching and assessment resources provided by outside publishers and educators through the Paperless School network.

It's a heady vision, coming from The Chalkface Project - publishers of photocopiable resources for schools. It's early days, but they're going to launch at BETT, and will be looking for pilot schools. The whole project is too far reaching to describe here so visit them at BETT.

Gerald Haigh

BETT Stand: PZ60

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Gerald Haigh

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