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A world of opportunity

How wonderful it was to read about the Aberdeen teachers' experiences in Uganda (TESS, 7 December) and how important those experiences will be when the teachers return to their classrooms, parents' evenings and teachers' meetings. As one said: "Life is about people not technology. It's about relationships, about connecting to people ... I was struck by how happy the children were, maybe happier than here (Scotland) though they lack our technological resources."

Those nine teachers return to Scotland with an improved understanding of the international in the Curriculum for Excellence and with an embedded concern for global citizenship. How impressive.

Another project - not, this time, from Link Partnership Scotland - is aiming to give Scottish teachers a similar understanding of "the other", the "international" and "the global". The Caledonia International Development Trust is providing a year in Sri Lankan schools, a monthly salary and all flights and accommodation covered. This is targeted at qualified but unemployed Scottish teachers.

With concern about unemployed Scottish teachers running alongside the enhanced importance of the international in the curriculum, we would be delighted to hear from unemployed teachers who might wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

Dr Gari Donn, Trustee CIDT, chief executive, UN House, 4 Hunter Square, Edinburgh EH1 1QW

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