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World tourism: where do we go on holiday?

Top destinations

1. Spain

Whether you're into Gaudi or gaudy, check out our quiz for tips from farrellcj on Spanish life and culture.

2. Greece

With 2012 on everyone's mind, find out how the Olympics began. For more on the great amphitheatres, philosophers and actors, see our resource from allenk.

3. Turkey

Visit the museum at Konya for a celebration of the Whirling Dervishes who originated here. See our resource on native costumes from cup of tea anyone?

4. US

Among the great American novelists is F Scott Fitzgerald, whose Great Gatsby has endured six film treatments - including a Korean version. Learn more at the TES Great Gatsby collection.

5. Egypt

Primary children are fascinated by the chilling curse of Tutankhamun's tomb. See Donnajminto's ancient Egyptian songs and resources for primary pupils.

6. Cyprus

The location of Shakespeare's Othello now lies in the contested northern half of the island. You can get the feel of the place in the Bard's brooding tragedy.

7. France

From Paris to the Riviera, France can claim more than its fair share of stunning locations. Check out our resources shared by V63 on all manner of topics, from food and drink to daily life.

8. Portugal

Lisbon became the capital in 1255, when the king moved his court to the largest and most important city. Brush up your Portuguese, ready for a visit, with our language resources from thetreasurebox.

9. Italy

A first trip to Rome will always feature a visit to the Sistine Chapel. But Leonardo da Vinci - mathematician, artist, scientist - is equally fascinating. Learn more about him from Kettlebabes' resources.

10. Tunisia

A fascinating blend of Arab and Moroccan architecture - and famous as the location for Monty Python's Life of Brian.

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