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World view

I was interested to read your story of the unhappy teachers "trapped" in Kuwait (TES, October 28). I have much sympathy for them and, like schools in the UK, the international school community occasionally produces stories such as this .

Nevertheless, as someone who has provided in-service training, reviews and consultancy in more than 60 international schools in 12 countries over the past seven years - including a number of schools in Kuwait - I think it would be a shame if this story caused teachers to be over-concerned about working in the international school community.

As your article briefly acknow-ledged, most international schools look after their staff well, provide a good education for their pupils and provide teachers from England with the opportunity to acquire a depth of experience which can only be of help when they return to the UK. International schools have much to offer teachers; international teachers have much to offer the various UK schools systems.


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