Worldly unwise?

It was encouraging to read Rita Gardner's article (TES, May 11) which argued the strong case that geography ought to be a dynamic, prominent subject within the secondary curriculum.

The idea that geography at a variety of scales from local to global can greatly contribute to pupils' understanding of an increasingly complex planet is a central tenet of the excellent Action Plan For Geography being spearheaded by the Geographical Association and the Royal Geographical Society.

What saddens and amazes me is that a leading UK geographer and government adviser, while writing about "up to date" subject knowledge, can still be using such a quaintly antiquated and demeaning term as "Third World".

Part of geography's remit is to explore links across the planet, and any key stage 3 pupils considering geography at GCSE level need to explore the variety of the value-laden terms available to describe the poorer nations of the world.

Robert Sims Romsey, Hants

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